Materials processing for future technology 

Integrating Experience and Innovation for the Future of Technology

From 2011-2016 the SCFED Project united leading researchers and facilities across multiple disciplines and three British Russell Group universities under the sponsorship of a prestigious EPSRC Programme Grant. Led by the University of Southampton's Prof. Phil Bartlett, Fellow of the Royal Society, the SCFED Project integrated a team of internationally respected scientists in fields ranging from electrochemistry to electron microscopy, and synthetic chemistry to nanoscience. The breadth of experience and knowledge uniquely positioned this team to realize supercritical fluid electrodeposition as a transformative technique for growing three dimensional nanostructures. 

Key members of the SCFED Project are now combining their expertise on a new materials science EPSRC Programme Grant, ADEPT Advanced Devices. For more information about how the team is developing novel thermoelectric, phase change memory and IR sensor devices visit