Materials processing for future technology 

Partnering with Industry

Thermoelectrics...   Energy Harvesting...   High-Pressure Systems...  Nanostructured Sensors...  Future Electronics...

The Plastic Reactor

The applications above are just a snapshot of the commercial potential for SCFED Project research. 

Supercritical fluid electrodeposition is an enabling technology and there are now opportunities available to partner with the SCFED Project team to adapt the patented SCFED technique and its spin-out technologies for your target markets and applications.

If you have an interest in:

  • Partnering to develop a specific target application
    • Advisory Input
    • Cooperation via Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)
  • Becoming part of the SCFED commercial supply chain (e.g. chemicals, high pressure systems, device manufacture)
  • Exploiting patented SCFED spin-out technologies (e.g. high-pressure systems)
then contact our Technology Transfer Officer:
Phone: +44 (0)2380 59 9479 

Visit the Capabilities page to learn more about the in-house capabilities of the SCFED Project team and the opportunities for partnership in areas other than supercritical fluid electrodeposition systems.