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Globally Respected Research Leaders

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Programme Director - Prof. Phil Bartlett FRS (Southampton)

Programme Director Prof. PHIL BARTLETT completed his PhD at Imperial College London and joined the University of Southampton as Professor of Electrochemistry in 1992. He is currently Head of the Electrochemistry Section, Deputy Head of Chemistry for Strategy and Associate Dean for Enterprise in the Faculty of Natural and Environmental Sciences. President-Elect of the International Society of Electrochemistry and a Fellow of the Royal Society since 2012, Prof. Bartlett has won a number of awards for his high profile research. 

Researcher ID: C-4606-2008

Programme Deputy-Director - Prof. David Smith (Southampton, Characterization and Nano-fabrication)

Programme Deputy-Director Prof. DAVID SMITH completed his PhD at the University of Oxford and joined the University of Southampton in 2002. A Professor of Nanotechnology, he led the original Basic Technology Grant from which the SCFED Project was developed and is now the Deputy Director of the Programme Grant with special responsibility for the functional characterization of materials.

Researcher ID: B-1485-2010 

Senior Investigator - Dr. Andrew Hector (Southampton, Mesoporous Templates)

Senior Investigator Dr. ANDREW HECTOR Hector completed his PhD at University College London and joined the University of Southampton in 1995. After developing an independent programme of research under a prestigious Royal Society University Research Fellowship he was promoted to Senior Lecturer and now heads the porous materials strand of the SCFED Project.

Researcher ID: B-8344-2009

Senior Investigator - Prof. Gill Reid (Southampton, Synthetic Chemistry)

Senior Investigator Prof. GILL REID completed her PhD at the University of Edinburgh and joined the University of Southampton in 1999. A Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, she is Head of the Molecular Assembly, Function and Structure Section at Southampton and leads the team developing electrolytes for the SCFED project. Prof. Reid has won both university and Royal Society of Chemistry awards for her work in promoting chemistry.

Researcher ID: B-9110-2009

Senior Investigator - Prof. Mike George (Nottingham, Supercritical Fluids)

Senior Investigator Prof. MIKE GEORGE completed his PhD at the University of Nottingham in 1990 and was promoted to Professor of Inorganic Chemistry in 2002. He has won international awards for his research and heads the component of the SCFED work performed in Nottingham.

Senior Investigator - Dr. Jeremy Sloan (Warwick, Electron Microscopy)

 Senior Investigator Dr. JEREMY SLOAN completed his PhD in Materials at the University of Wales Cardiff and was awarded a prestigious Royal Society University Research Fellowship in 2000. He joined the University of Warwick as Associate Professor in Electron Microscopy in 2008 and heads the materials characterization component of the SCFED Project that is performed at the Warwick Centre for Analytical Science.

Supporting Investigator - Prof. William Levason (Southampton, Synthetic Chemistry)

Supporting Investigator Prof. WILLIAM LEVASON completed his PhD at UMIST and joined the University of Southampton in 1976. A Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, he is involved with the development of advanced electrolytes for supercritical fluid electrodeposition.

Researcher ID: C-3059-2009 

Supporting Investigator Dr. RICHARD BEANLAND completed his PhD in Materials Science at the University of Liverpool. Having worked in both academia and industry, he is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Warwick involved with the electron microscopy aspects of the SCFED Project.