Materials processing for future technology 

Public Engagement & Outreach

Taking Technology Smaller

Taking Technology Smaller exhibited at the highly prestigious Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2015 bringing our science to an audience of over 13,000 visitors including students, members of the public and politicians

The SCFED Project had an extensive public engagement and outreach programme for making the science of SCFED and the physical sciences in general more accessible to the general public. In addition to the allocated Programme Grant funding, the activities of the SCFED Project have won an additional £45k of funding from the EPSRC to expand its public engagement activities.

Our leading researchers developed hands-on modules for use in representing the SCFED Project at major public exhibitions and enable our partnerships with local schools and colleges to inspire the next generation of scientists.

The Science pages of the website explain in simple terms the scientific principles that underpin SCFED science. Alternatively you can watch our video resources explaining the science of SCFED via the website and YouTube. You can even get our introduction to Taking Technology Smaller in Chinese!